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If you are visiting my website, you have already begun the process of change.  
Whether it is interpersonal relationships, parenting, or trauma, you want something different.  My goal as a psychologist is to support and challenge you toward those changes.

My therapeutic approach is evidence-based and client-centered.  This means that I bring the research and science of psychology into each session, while maintaining compassion and empathy for my clients.  My clinical practice is divided into three specialties:  

Parenting the Challenging Child (ages 4 to 12)

Parenting is difficult.  Do you privately wonder if your child is more difficult than others?  If so, you likely have a challenging child who needs a very specialized approach.  I am a leading expert in the Seattle area in working with parents of challenging children.  I use the Incredible Years program as a foundation for parents and tailor it to your child and your family. 


Life is difficult.  Unfortunately, Anxiety refuses to acknowledge this concept and pressures us to make everything perfect.  This pressure creates a strange feedback loop of anxiety  perfection  anxiety  perfection, etc.

Instead, we as humans need to accept both happiness and difficulty with flexibility and purpose. 
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (or “Act”) is an evidence-based approach designed to create this psychological flexibility.  Rather than focus on perfection,  ACT focuses on living life and pursuing dreams in with anxiety in tow.


Trauma is haunting.  The emotional brain does not keep track of time, so traumatic memories feel present and threatening.  Using Lifespan Integration Therapy, we use your own timeline to show the emotional brain that time has passed.  As a result, you feel the trauma in the past and can thus leave behind. 


It is important to find a therapist who specializes in Depression.  It is not my area of expertise.  

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