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Dear Parents,

Does it feel like your child has two personalities?

One is funny, smart, and caring; the other seems moody, stubborn, and impulsive. This dichotomy is characteristic of challenging children and makes it difficult to navigate the parent-child relationship.

Parents learn to:

  • Restore a positive home environment

  • Set effective limits

  • Coach social and emotional skills

  • Handle tantrums and aggressions

As one of the leading experts in parenting, Dr. Driver specializes in helping families with challenging children, using evidence-based treatment programs. Parents go through The Incredible Years curriculum, an empirical clinical treatment, in a fun and supportive environment. Parents are seen in individual sessions instead of in groups, so the 14-week program is customized for your family.


Parents report seeing changes after only 6-weeks!

Dr. Driver was trained by Drs. Carolyn Webster-Stratton and Jamila Reid, the developers of The Incredible Years Program, at the world-renowned Parenting Clinic at the University of Washington. During her training, Dr. Driver was afforded the unique opportunity to learn both the parenting and child programs. She thus brings a unique perspective to her work as clinical director; and is able to provide practical and workable solutions for distressed parents and children. In addition to her parent/child expertise, she specializes in child development, anxiety, and couple relationships. Dr. Driver received her doctorate from the University of Washington and trained with Dr. John Gottman.

*Please Note: Dr. Driver (Eastside Parenting Clinic) has been officially trained and certified to practice the Incredible Years Program. If Dr. Driver is not the right fit for your family, please be sure to check this website for therapists who have been certified and thought to exhibit strong understanding of the Incredible Years principles. 

On-site Evaluations

In addition to the private sessions, Dr. Driver offers home collaboration visits. During these visits, she uses her extensive observational training to evaluate interactional strengths and weaknesses in the home environment. Parents report these visits to be helpful in cases where the child struggles in a specific situation.

We highly recommend this program if you have a challenging child.  Our son is bright and loving, but his increasing outbursts of anger were becoming burdensome for our family.  At first, we were reluctant to sign up for this program due to the time commitment and cost.  We are SO GLAD signed up, however, because our home is more peaceful, our relationship with our son is healthy and positive, he is doing well in school, and enjoys his friends.


Bellevue, WA

The program at Eastside Parenting Clinic was great for our family in so many ways.  I have seen my ADHD son absolutely shine.  This program has changed our lives in a relatively short period of time.  The professionals were committed to making this a successful experience for our family.


Port Orchard, WA

Once we learned this program, we can’t imagine parenting any other way.  This program has completely changed our household.  Our children are more positive, more confident, and more compliant.  Many thanks to the people at Eastside Parenting Clinic.


Woodinville, WA

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